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60 Our Kids Private School Reviews THE TRUSTED SOURCE. PRIVATE SCHOOL RE VIE WS THE PULSE OF CANADA'S LEADING SCHOOLS Since 1998, families have trusted Our Kids to help navigate the private school landscape. Drawing on years working with education experts, parents, and school insiders, Our Kids provides families with insights into the top schools—and into choosing the right school for a child. Discover more resources on FROM THE REVIEW: "While it looks entirely different than it did when it was founded—there are no original buildings, nor does it sit at the same site as it did in 1865—the core values remain: quality academics with an eye to educating students into positions of social, professional, and political leadership." " … the dining hall is perhaps as close to the Hogwarts ideal as you can hope to find in Canada: there are panelled walls that include lists of award winners, applied in gilt calligraphy. The portraits of past headmasters, some looking like heads on top of heaps of robe, look down from a height." "The school is dedicated to diversity within the student population, and a robust program of financial aid is the main means of developing it. … The general atmosphere is one of students who are thoughtful, confident, and appreciative of the opportunity to attend the school." 181330 781775 9 ISBN 9781775181330 US: $8.50 CAN: $11.50

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