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Page 59 of 59 PRIVATE SCHOOL RE VIE WS THE PULSE OF CANADA'S LEADING SCHOOLS Since 1998, families have trusted Our Kids to help navigate the private school landscape. Drawing on years working with education experts, parents, and school insiders, Our Kids provides families with insights into the top schools—and into choosing the right school for a child. Discover more resources on FROM THE REVIEW: "In many ways, York is the definition of an urban school. It's one thing to be located within a city, and indeed many private and independent schools are—but it's another to have a significant, daily interface with the surrounding city, something that York demonstrates better than others. The city is not only on its doorstep, but it is enmeshed within the daily lived experience of the school" " … the school was built to appeal to a certain kind of learner, one who was academic, yes, but who also shared an approach to the world around them, and one who really needed a certain kind of environment in which to grow and explore." "[faculty] work to inform students' understanding of what success means, and that it isn't limited to marks" US: $8.50 CAN: $11.50 THE TRUSTED SOURCE.

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