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58 Our Kids Private School Reviews THE PULSE OF CANADA'S LEADING SCHOOLS Since 1998, families have trusted Our Kids to help navigate the private school landscape. Drawing on years working with educa on experts, parents, and school insiders, Our Kids provides families with insights into the top schools—and into choosing the right school for a child. Discover more resources on FROM THE REVIEW: "[Students who enroll] don't have to be great in all things—and certainly no student is—but … they should be open to trying new things and discovering new things about themselves." "Hudson's reputa on is one for suppor ng learners who are capable, academically, but who have yet to find an environment that allows them to express their personali es and their interests." "Where larger schools ins tute advisory programs, in a smaller school, and with the right approach, individual a en on is more consistent, and comes with less effort. Hudson provides a good example. The environment is in mate, with a rich interface between students and instructors." 181316 781775 9 ISBN 9781775181316 US: $8.50 CAN: $11.50 THE TRUSTED SOURCE. PRIVATE SCHOOL RE VIE WS

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