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15 We can help you reach your marke ng goals To book or renew your membership, please call 1-877-272-1845 or email adver se@ourkidsmedia.com Note: Not included in the above numbers, you'll receive additional impressions via comparison tables and charts, the advanced search tool, the parent discussion forum, and so on. (We outline how you're promoted on various media on pages 26 to 31.) • 2,644 families studying your profile (see pages 24-25 to read about the profile) • 821 click-throughs (conversions) to your website Note: We give you real-time access to these numbers (see page 38). Our click-throughs are worth more Remember that not all clicks are equal. A family that clicks through to your website from OurKids.net—as opposed to from another source—is already well-matched with your school. They've already studied your information on your school profile, compared you to other schools via the mini-profiles, comparison tables and charts, and so on. By the time a family clicks through to your website, you know they are interested in what you offer. They are therefore far more likely to turn into an inquiry and enrollment than a family pulled from a less qualified pool. Members can see this first hand in their Google analytics reports, which track metrics like bounce rates, pages-per-session, and time-on-site. Traffic from OurKids.net is typically the most engaged of any referral site. We guarantee results We guarantee 800 families navigating to view your full OurKids.net profile. If that's not met, we'll reimburse the entire membership fee. You should expect more than 800 families viewing your profile, however; the guarantee is there to reduce your risk. 1.9 million families on our pla orms 225,527 impressions per school 2,644 profile views per school 821 conversions per school Impressions: Average number of mes your basic informa on is displayed to families interested in your school type (curriculum or loca on). Profile views: Average number of families that click on your school profile to learn more about your programs and offerings. Conversions: Average number of families that were interested in your school and con nued to visit your website, clicked your phone number, or sent you an email. Average results per school on OurKids.net

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