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17 We can help you reach your marke ng goals To book or renew your membership, please call 1-877-272-1845 or email adver se@ourkidsmedia.com What makes our network such a cost-effective way to generate inquiries, shape perceptions, and build awareness? Target families interested in private schools Consider that only 22% of Canadians are parents of school-aged children— children under 18 (Statistics Canada). Then consider that, of the children attending school in Canada, only 6% attend a private school. Roughly speaking, then, in any given region, your target market will be about 1-2% of the population. It's a narrow market. Yet that market constitutes our entire user-base. Essentially everyone using our platforms comes from this market. This enables us to provide content targeted to our specific audience. Members confirm this when they look at our local reach and compare us with other advertising options. With other options, only a fraction of the local audience represents potential leads. What makes our marketing effective Moreover, only a fraction of your target market will be on other platforms at any given time. It becomes difficult (read: expensive) to reach everyone who might enroll in your school on other platforms. Our Kids, on the other hand, is an efficient way to influence your entire market. Like a watering hole in the African Savannah, we are a magnet for your target market: local parents of school- aged children who are researching private schools. Users of Our Kids = Parents interested in private schools Interested in private schools Parents Users of other media Our Kids Audience Our core user-base is parents ac vely considering private school. Typical Pla orm Audience Only a frac on of the audience is composed of parents interested in private schools.

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