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18 We can help you reach your marke ng goals Our Kids: The Trusted Source Reach families when they are receptive to your message In addition to targeting the right families, we also deliver your message to parents in an ideal context—one where they pay attention to what you're saying. Here's why our audience is so receptive: • Your message is relevant to their current task: families on our platforms are in the middle of researching schools. Your message doesn't interrupt their task, it aids it. • Your message is seen as content, not an ad: this is a native advertising opportunity. We promote your school in the form of structured information, not ads. (Though we do offer display advertising as an upgrade.) This is information parents are already motivated to consume. • You're given space to engage families: parents are best engaged when given ample content. We give families lots of content about your school— far more than would be conveyed in other advertising venues. It's one thing to reach families with a message they're interested in. It's another to time the delivery of that message to when families are forming their thoughts and opinions. That's what we do: we present you to families when they are most impressionable. Harness the credibility of a third- party validator The mere fact that your information is presented on an authoritative school- choice platform instantly gives it added weight. Likewise, your absence from it is conspicuous. It warrants repeating: families don't take choosing a school lightly. They do their research. If a family is considering your school, you can be sure they are searching for what others say about you. They want to see you on Our Kids—Canada's private school guide. They want to learn about you within our structured framework. The more available your information is—particularly if it's available on a valuable and authoritative platform like Our Kids—the more comfortable parents are with enrolling. Being on Our Kids helps instill confidence in families considering your school—in a way that your website or traditional advertisements don't.

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