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22 The Our Kids marke ng membership Our Kids: The Trusted Source OurKids.net Our website dominates on search engines, and gives meaningful guidance to parents When families go online to research their school options, they find OurKids.net: our website dominates search engine results for thousands of school-related keywords (meaning the site comes up as the #1 organic result in search engines). In all, 200,000+ internet users land on OurKids.net every month—basically anyone in Canada doing online research on private schools, along with families abroad researching Canadian schools. OurKids.net gives families what they're looking for: their school choices in context, from a credible third-party validator. The site not only provides detailed information on each school, it also gives parents a picture of how schools relate to one another. This year, we're taking the platform a step further: we're allowing parents to discuss their options among themselves on a parent discussion forum (see page 29). OurKids.net also provides families with meaningful guidance on school-choice topics. The articles we're publishing now are extremely comprehensive: 10,000- word guides covering niche topics from every angle. (In total, we have 932 guides and articles on OurKids.net.) Our content makes families more informed evaluators of schools and reinforces our status as an authority on Canadian private schools. Parent comments: " Lots of valuable information and advice. Navigates well. Helped me find a great school for my kids." " There are so many different ways I can search for schools. By clicking on links I can search by class size, specialties (if any), average annual tuition and what grades they include " "Love the display methods and ease of navigation." "Love all the information that's there for reading." "Details on all aspects, I just love it!" "As far as I know, it's the only site of its kind. As someone just learning about the private school world, it's very helpful!" "I like the ease it takes to find information, good end-user display." "Like the breakdown of categories, your input as well as the school's." "Like the clarity of information." "Great overall website."

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